The Single Biggest Secret to Membership and Subscription Growth

When you get your hands on this book you'll discover:

  • The five fallacies of membership retention that most subscription businesses implement that actually INCREASE member churn rates.
  • Five case studies of subscription business turnarounds (or successful launches) including a publisher, a subscription box, SAAS, an association and a charity/nonprofit.
  • The 10 Retention Point Accelerators that transform your new members from Quitters into Lifers.
  • How to achieve 90% to 98% annual renewal percentages, even if you believe this is completely impossible for your business.
  • The single biggest misunderstanding subscription companies believe that kills membership growth.

Plus a whole lot more, when you get Retention Point.


Meet Retention Expert Robert Skrob

Robert is recognized as one of the best retention specialists in the world. He’s spoken and delivered workshops in five continents. His experience is unique in that it bridges the world of nonprofit associations and causes as well as for-profit membership and subscription companies.

Robert’s profound understanding of the member experience enables him to encourage member engagement and build relationships with members that last for years. In a world where obscene churn rates are all too common and even accepted, Mr. Skrob is able to transform customer relationships he calls “one night stands” into long-term memberships.

"My biggest takeaway from this book is that you can actually give too much value"

You know those members who love you, buy everything you offer and tell all their friends about you? Those members have made it to the Retention Point.

The retention strategies explained in this book will help you get MORE of your members to the Retention Point so you can keep them longer and grow your recurring revenue.