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Meet Membership Recurring Revenue Expert Robert Skrob

As someone focused on growing membership revenue for 27 years, Robert learned early that new member marketing is a wasted expense until you’ve figured out how to engage and retain new subscribers.

Robert is recognized as one of the best member retention specialists in the world, he’s spoken and delivered workshops in five continents. His experience is unique in that it bridges the world of nonprofit associations and causes as well as for-profit membership and subscription companies.

For the first 10 years of his career, Robert consulted with more than 47 associations, creating marketing campaigns for membership, conferences, sponsorships and events for dozens of different industries. In the years since, he has worked with subscription businesses including publishers, digital access, extended warranty, SAAS, coaching businesses, subscription boxes and associations that range from start-up to $1.5 billion publishers.

Robert’s profound understanding of the member experience enables him to encourage member engagement and build relationships with members that last for years. In a world where obscene churn rates are all too common and even accepted, Mr. Skrob is able to transform customer relationships he calls “one night stands” into long-term memberships.

Robert lives in Tallahassee with his wife, Kory. They have two adult children. Robert and Kory can be found participating in or training for triathlons. They are both active in their community.