Attention Subscription Business Owners…


"Discover How to Slash Member Cancellation Rates and Grow Your Recurring Subscription Revenue up to 20% in Less Than 2 Hours…Guaranteed."


From: Robert Skrob

Author of the bestselling book, Retention Point.

Tallahassee, Florida

Wednesday, 6:07 AM

Dear Subscription Business Entrepreneur,

Have you ever thought, "My subscription is excellent. I don't understand why so many subscribers quit within their first few months!"?

Here’s a startling fact: More subscribers quit within the first 30 days than any other time period.

That means what you send to your subscribers within the first 7 days often makes the difference between subscriptions that grow quickly month after month and those that bleed to death. 

Hi, I'm Robert Skrob, the country's leading expert on growing subscription revenue through increasing subscription retention.

My clients include:

  • Multi-billion dollar newsletter companies
  • SaaS companies
  • Digital streaming companies
  • Hundreds of small subscription companies
  • Several public companies

The bottom line is, I'm the #1 trusted source for retaining members for life.

In this short letter, I will share a specific, proven system for slashing your cancellation rate, increasing trial subscription conversions, and growing your recurring subscription revenue.

This means you'll spend less for each new subscriber, earn more from each member and grow your recurring revenue faster than ever.

But first, let's talk about…

The Huge Missing Piece that Costs Subscription Businesses Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars a Year in Lost Subscribers

The big mistake most subscription businesses make is focusing their energy and resources on customer acquisition and doing too little to retain customers.

And those who do work on retention usually focus their attention on the product or service they deliver.  SaaS companies tend to work on their new features roadmap; subscription boxes tweak the items in their monthly box, and publishers try to add content subscribers want.

You may have even tried to boost subscriber morale in hopes of more subscribers staying on for longer, only to find retention rates remained the same, or worse, increased.

Unfortunately, these methods ignore…

The Most Vital Aspect of Retention

Your subscriber did NOT buy your product; they purchased an outcome, based on your marketing materials.

When someone joins, most subscription businesses put all the attention on their product, teaching subscribers how to use it. The problem is, that ignores the critical factor of the subscription excitement curve.

Let me ask you: How many times have you been excited about making a purchase, only to forget about it a few weeks later? 

Have you ever ordered something from Amazon, had the box arrive two days later, and didn’t remember what you bought?

It’s just as common for a new subscribers to forget why they subscribe or become less excited about any subscription they purchased over time. It’s only human, we all do it. 

But, the hard cold truth is: if you allow your subscribers to forget about you or become less excited after joining, they will cancel rather than continue to pay for your subscription. 

Here are the facts:

Most Members Cancel Within the First 30 Days!

In the subscription business, 2/3 of your first-year subscriber churn often happens within the first three months. That's right, 2/3 of the subscribers who cancel in the first year cancel within the first three months after joining!

And, of those who cancel within the first three months, it's very common to see that more than half of those members cancel within the FIRST MONTH.


Taking it even further, of the subscribers that cancel within a month of joining your subscription, it's common for half of those subscribers to quit within the first week after they join!

But, it gets even worse.

According to a study conducted by NiemanLab, a journalism research foundation at Harvard University, nearly a third of new subscribers to various news publications cancel in the first 24 hours!!!

This condition of high churn rate within the first few weeks of a subscription business is what I call Retention Deficit Disorder.  

How to Fix 'Retention Deficit Disorder'

There's an epidemic of Retention Deficit Disorder running rampant in the subscription business.

Retention Deficit Disorder happens when you are losing more members than you should. It prevents you from reaching your goals. It traps where not enough members pay for long enough to enable you to scale your marketing spend to improve acquisition. Subscriptions in this trap often focus on lowering ad rates and trying to improve retention. However, those breakthroughs are few and far between.

The good news is, in this report, I’ll share a simple yet powerful cure that wipes out this epidemic faster than a greased monkey on skates, and it takes less than two hours to implement in your business.

First, it’s crucial to stoke excitement with your new subscriber to combat the constant pressure they face to cancel subscriptions.

Every personal finance expert suggests consumers cancel subscriptions as part of "smart financial planning." Yes unfortunately, your subscribers are actively looking for ways to cut monthly expenses, and one of the first things to go is their subscriptions.

Delivering what you promise is not good enough. You must delight and excite your customer, so your subscription doesn't make its way onto the 'cancel list'.

In a moment, I'll share with you exactly how you can cut your churn rate by up to 20% for free. But, first, let's look at…

How to INSTANTLY Increase Subscription Sales
Without Spending More on Customer Acquisition

The secret is to improve your retention rate, even if it’s just by a percentage point.

Consider an example. Let's say you're generating $10,000 a month in monthly subscriptions. Even a 1% improvement in your 30-day retention rate generates $1,200 a year in additional revenue. And that compounds to more than $7,700 in additional revenue after 12 months of improved retention.

And that's at only a 1% improvement!

1% is actually extremely conservative. I've helped subscription businesses improve their first-month retention rates from 72% to 80% by implementing what I'm about to show you.  That's a 10% retention rate improvement. At $10,000 per month that’s $12,000 a month in additional revenue. And that compounds to more than $77,000 in additional revenue after 12 months of improved retention.

If like most subscription businesses, you're losing many members in your first month, you can realistically increase your retention rate by up to 20% by simply adding a new, systematic onboarding sequence that only takes two hours or less to install!

The Secret Strategy High Retention Businesses Use
That Most Subscription Companies Will Never Know

High retention subscription businesses bring the themes, promises, and energy of the promotion into the first days of the subscription through their strategic new subscriber onboarding.

That ensures your subscriber is more excited a week after they join than the moment they decide to give your program a try.

Remember this: Onboarding is a critical component of subscription growth and is the secret for cutting cancellations by 20% or MORE!

While there's hundreds of things you could try to improve retention and reduce churn, here is the…

Fastest, Easiest Way To Higher Retention Rates

A 7-day carefully structured email onboarding sequence is by far the quickest way to experience a dramatic measurable, and bankable increase in your retention percentage.

You might be thinking, “Whoa, there, Robert! We implemented an email onboarding sequence, which didn’t do squat for us!”

I hear you. I've seen many cases where subscription businesses actually make their churn rate worse because they are sending the wrong types of emails!

In a moment I’ll detail my proprietary 7-day onboarding sequence that's proven to slash cancellation rates, but first, let’s talk about where most onboarding emails go off the rails.

Most subscription businesses create email onboarding sequences that focus on their product, company history, and all the steps necessary to use what they deliver. I call that "me, me, me" communication. Unfortunately, those email sequences often INCREASE churn rates and LOWER retention because they do nothing to stoke excitement.

Within the proven approach I've systemized, each of the seven emails has a specific purpose and outcome.

This is the most important first step to IMPROVE RETENTION FOR ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIBERS. First test with new subscribers during their first 7-days, then scale this approach to improve retention for ALL of your subscribers.  

The Simple Plan to Slash Churn and
Cure Retention Deficit Disorder Almost Instantly

Follow this “treatment plan,” and you’ll dramatically increase your retention rates not only during the first week, but you’ll experience retention gains month after month because your subscribers will be excited about their subscription!

Although this isn’t as easy as swallowing a magic pill, it’s pretty darn close.

Let's examine each of the seven emails to review what they accomplish.

Email Day 1: Build Trust

Within your initial offer, you promised a lot of things. Now it's time to deliver on everything you promised.

I usually grab the list of benefits from the product page or order form, then repeat that list within this first email; I also include direct links to each of the promised items.

That creates an easy-to-use "table of contents." As a result, you'll often see a lot higher subscriber engagement with digital products that include a list of links directly to their benefits than a login alone.

Email Day 2: Introduce Your Team

Whether your team is you or you have a group of leaders serving your subscribers, build the value in the people delivering your product.

People don't buy products; they buy people.

Get your new subscriber excited about the people who create and deliver your programs. That is crucial if f members of your team interact with subscribers to deliver value.

You want subscribers to appreciate the training, experience, and past successes of your team for two reasons:

  1. It makes subscribers treat your team members with respect and appreciation, and
  2. Subscribers are more likely to do something and get results because they appreciate the people working on their behalf to deliver the product or service.

Email Day 3: Overcome the Major Objection

What's the number one reason why your subscribers quit?

That objection is the topic of this email.

If subscribers often tell you that time is why they quit, this email should explain how your system saves them time. If money is the most common problem, and they say they can't afford it, this email focuses on how your program SAVES them money.

Whatever their primary reason for quitting, use this email to address that objection head-on to dispense with this excuse or suffer the churn.

✅ Make their biggest objection the most important reason they should KEEP your subscription.

Email Day 4: Eliminate False Beliefs

Certain beliefs often prevent subscribers from becoming successful with what you deliver.

Your subscription is a solution to a problem in your subscribers' lives. But, chances are your solution is new to them.

However, your subscribers are not arriving with a clean slate. Instead, they likely have preconceived beliefs about the solution you deliver because they've tried other tools in the past.

What are the common misbeliefs your subscribers have when they join?

This email aims to present three to five of the most common myths or mistaken beliefs, so you can correct their thinking and help them embrace YOUR solution.

Email Day 5: Give Them a Quick Win

What's the fastest way to experience a victory from what you deliver?

This email is about getting new subscribers a quick win, so they feel good about your program. If someone like their mate or a business partner questions them about the subscription cost, they can point to that victory as proof of the value you deliver.

Email Day 6: Make Success Simple

Sadly, many subscribers don't believe that THEY have what it takes to make your program or product work for them.

The goal of this email on day 6 is to make success look attainable.

Imagine you are going on a trip from your home across the country. Naturally, you want to make it look as easy as possible to get there, so you break it down into manageable steps that feel achievable.

This email should position the first quick win from your day five email as the first step of their journey. The final destination is the outcome that your product promises. In between, each step along the way should focus on aspirational outcomes.

This way, the subscriber can see that the quick win sets them on a proven and reliable course to experience the success they're hoping to attain.

Email Day 7: Give Proof

Now is the time to introduce your new subscriber to your most successful subscribers.

As I said before, some people will believe that your program works. Still, they'll also try and talk themselves out of it by reasoning that "I don't have the time, money, education, experience or bandwidth necessary to make it work."

Humans are reluctant to fail. It's much more satisfying to quit and forget about it rather than to try but then fail.

By showcasing successful members, you prove that people like them DO succeed in this program. And that they can and will succeed themselves. 

These 7 emails make your member more excited after a week than when they purchased your subscription.

This cranks up your new subscriber's enthusiasm. And ultimately, you get more new subscribers to retain their subscription through the toughest week for churn.

Installing this automated onboarding campaign can increase your retention by 5, 10, or even as much as 20%. (The more new subscribers you lose within the first week and the first month of your subscription, the more you need these emails and the bigger the potential benefit.)

Many of my happiest clients felt the same way. They found that these seven “magic” emails instantly increased their retention rate.

Skeptical? I get it. That’s why in a minute, you’ll have the opportunity to prove to yourself how powerful this strategy is with less than ZERO risk.

The huge improvements happen because we improve retention during days with the highest subscriber churn rates. So there's a compounding effect. Plus, you are increasing the excitement from the buying decision, so your new subscriber will defend their purchase to others and themselves.

Similar to playing golf, small changes in form make a huge difference in outcomes. You hit a beautiful shot when you swing a golf club and hit the sweet spot. But, miss the sweet spot by a millimeter; if you are like me, the ball could go backward! Same with onboarding.

Small hinges swing big doors!

The Evergreen Retention Machine

I've worked with over one hundred subscription businesses from SaaS, subscription boxes, publishers, digital delivery, and auto-ship products who have engaged me to create custom new subscriber onboarding sequences for their subscribers.

The email sequence I outline in this report is the first step I create when a client hires me to work with them at rates averaging $14,997 to $29,997/month.

About a year ago, one of my clients said, "Robert, if you had a standard email sequence that anyone could use, it would be really popular."

My first reply was, "It's impossible. Each business is different, making onboarding needs unique."

But, over the next few weeks, I studied the onboarding sequences I had created for clients over the years, and  the winners all shared the same concrete similarities.

At first, I built the templates for myself to get my client's work done more easily and efficiently. Then, I fine-tuned it each week, and soon I had a simple template so anyone could follow it.

And now, YOU can use these templates to cure your Retention Deficit Disorder and grow faster than ever.

What You'll Receive, to Start Reducing Churn and
Increasing Your Profits in 2 Hours or Less!

 With the "Evergreen Retention Machine," you get the 7 x fill-in-the-blank email templates and a 15-minute video for each template, where I share the psychology behind the email, review two example emails from different subscriptions businesses, and guide you through adapting the templates for your business.

This sequence is easy to implement, and it…

  • Reduces cancellations.
  • Increases conversion rates on trial subscriptions.
  • Generates upsells of additional products and premium subscription levels to increase subscriber lifetime value.


Simply download the proven email templates, tweak them for your subscription and have them ready to start working for you in a couple of hours.

And I'll make a virtual bet that those two hours will turn out to be the most valuable 120 minutes you invest all year because as soon as you install your own "Evergreen Retention Machine," you will cut churn and increase your profits.

As we discussed earlier, if you have a $10,000 per month subscription business, The Evergreen Retention Machine is worth at least $14,000 a year.

I've asked my clients who've implemented the Evergreen Retention Machine what they feel I should charge. Their answers ranged from $1,000 to as high as $25,000.

So you can see how these emails can quickly improve your retention rates I want to remove price as an obstacle. Therefore, the investment for the Evergreen Retention Machine is just 497.00!  I'm told it's a steal at that amount.

If you are getting new subscribers, you will see results you can measure in your bank account just a few days after installing the “Evergreen Retention Machine.”

Remember, this one-time investment will deliver a monthly profit to you every month.

I’m so confident that the Evergreen Retention Machine will quickly produce tangible, nearly instantaneous results for you that I back up my promise with a…

No Risk, 100% BETTER Than Money Back Guarantee

Get the Evergreen Retention Machine today, watch the videos, and download and install the email templates. Then at the end of 30 days, if you can look me in the eye via email and tell me you did not see a measurable improvement in your retention rate, I will give you 100% of your money back, and you can still keep everything.

Act Now!

Click the button below and get instant access to the Evergreen Retention Machine, which includes seven video tutorials and email templates designed to instantly slash member cancellation rates by as much as 20%.

Be Unleavable,

Robert Skrob

P.S. The Evergreen Retention Machine takes less than two hours to install and starts paying your instant dividends by retaining more subscribers. Plus, I back up my promise with the risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee. So if, after 30 days, you haven't made a multiple return on your investment, let me know, and I'll give you a full refund, and you get to keep everything!

This is the most important first step to IMPROVE RETENTION FOR ALL OF YOUR SUBSCRIBERS. First test with new subscribers during their first 7-days, then scale this approach to improve retention for ALL of your subscribers.  

So don't decide today if this will work for you. Instead, simply order the Evergreen Retention Machine and put it to the test. I know you’ll be thrilled with your results.